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Create more value to customers

  • About Emsun

       Guangdong Emsun Intelligent Office Furniture Co., LTD is located in the beautiful Liuxi River of Baiyun District, Guangzhou,It is 10 minutes' drive from guangzhou baiyun international airport and 20 minutes' drive from guangzhou north railway station.was established in March 2009, and established EMSUN office furniture brand in the same period. It is a medium and large-scale office furniture integrating R&D, design, production, sales and after-sales service.

  • Corporate video

       In the future, Emsun Furniture adheres to the principle of steady operation and sustainable development, and is committed to “building the most powerful office furniture enterprise with comprehensive supporting strength”, thus realizing the corporate philosophy of “growth, gratitude, commitment and sharing”.

  • Industrial 3.0

       We have adopted a reasonable process design,Material optimization, mold efficiency enhancement, standardized production,In order to achieve the most favorable product price and break through the concept of high price of traditional new products, we hope to provide customers with more valuable products, combine the advantages of patent protection of new products, reduce competition, and realize the possibility of higher transaction value of dealers.

Our Products

We insist,suitable for each other is the most important, to form the common value and goal is our biggest pursuit of business partners, unique emsun,It is not necessary to be affiliated with, or second to be, the unique way of emsun ,Concept, business strategy, integrity development, practical progress, yishang members, partners, suppliers, industry and society are valuable embodiment.

  • platform

    A.The scale of the manufacturing base covering an area of 60,000 square meters;
    B.10.8 million RMB of qualification and complete supporting bidding qualification;;
    C.plate type, screen, steel and software Comprehensive ability;
  • product

    A.lean production management correspondence;
    B.Realization of standardization materials and accessories;
    C.Realization of product production standardization;
    D.Control and realization of product delivery date;
    E.Enlarge the advantages of production and material cost control;
  • team

    A. Common core values;
    B.Complete corporate culture support;
    C.Strong technical capability base;
    D.Energy amplification of full participation in shares;
    E.Rules and systems and KPI evaluation system developed by each department;
  • Value

    A. achieving sustainable development
    B.value gained by customers
    C.value gained by business model participants
    D.value gained by emsun team members
    E.value obtained by emsun
    F.definition of success

environmental protection

Caring earth adhere to sustainable development

  • environmental protection

    Earlier than the beginning of our creation, we promised to be a pioneer in protecting the environment. Since then, the company’s business model has never caused significant damage to the environment.

  • Sustainable development

    Sustainable development does not means that only the factory obtains the certificate of qualification, creates high-quality, reliable and excellent quality and reasonable price products at the same time, but also takes the environment and human health as important determinants

  • Design environment first

    For EMSUN, the concept of "environment first in design" is divided into three measurement standards, which constitute an important element of our commitment to practice: environmental indicators, healthy use and recycling